Homework Habits


1. Routine

➢ Step 1: Set up a location to do homework
Quiet, distraction free area with good lighting

➢ Step 2: Create a “homework center”
Materials needed for homework: pencils, paper, timer, crayons, etc.

➢ Step 3: Same time every day; best before dinner
The longer you wait, the more tired your child becomes; best to start homework soon after s/he gets home to keep the momentum going

2. Communication

➢ Know what’s going on in the classroom
➢ Communicate with teacher
➢ Read linkbook and write to the teacher if needed
➢ Check website, blogs or newsletters for school and classroom updates

3. Create a positive family culture

➢ Plan homework schedule around family activities
Alleviate stress by planning the day so homework is neither rushed nor squeezed in

➢ Be mindful of appropriate sleep needs and healthy snacks
A good nights sleep is more important than any homework activity

➢ As you work with your child on homework
• Let them teach you something
• Discuss their ideas
• Celebrate their accomplishments
• Do think alouds as you work with them through problems
• Be supportive and encouraging, avoid criticism and punishment